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    Flowsell Retail Shelving

    Flowsell has retail shelving and gondola shelving solutions for your shop and can give you different floor plans from which you can customise your retail gondola as desired. For a successful business operation, you need to have your products displayed in a way that motivates the client to buy. For the past 20 years, Flowsell has supplied quality retail gondola units to its Australian clients.

    Suppliers and retailers use retail shelving to properly display merchandise. Our retail gondola units are made to ensure efficient storage and display of products to attract the client’s attraction.

    The Goal of Retail Shelving

    Other than maximising storage space, the goal of retail shelving has always been to present goods and products in a presentable manner for customers. Moreover, retail gondolas also prevent unnecessary wastage of storage space and ensure that all available space is put to profitable use.

    At Flowsell, we are keen to customise your projects depending on your business plan so that you get value for your money while displaying your products. Before settling on a shelving plan, it is important to note that different retail shelving serves different purposes, and that not all gondola shelving is suitable for all types of items.

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    Some of the questions you should ask yourself before installing a retail gondola are:

    • How heavy are the products that will be put on display?
    • Do I intend to add more shelves in the future?
    • Do I have enough space to install shelves?
    • What types of products do I intend to stock?

    Considering that there are different types of retail gondola units, settling on one suitable for your product type is recommended. By partnering with Flowsell, you automatically become a part of our amazing family.

    Benefits of Retail Gondola

    Retail shelving is a modern shop display method that allows retail stores to optimise the available space. This display method is utilised to enhance the display features in a shop, and Flowsell designs the retail shelving fixtures with customer convenience in mind.

    Retail gondola shelving is suitable for retailers with a lot of inventory at their display with limited storage and display space. Some of the benefits of the retail gondola shelving are:

    • It can be fitted with various accessories to hold as many products as possible, so long as the weight can hold
    • Retail gondola shelving is easy to assemble and disassemble
    • It helps to optimise the available space to suit client needs
    • It is a cost-effective method for retailers with a variety of products to display 

    Why Choose Us?

    Flowsell is equipped with different personnel with the relevant needed to ensure that projects turn out successfully. Moreover, we have over 20 years of experience in the retail shelving industry and are better positioned to develop gondola shelving solutions that are in sync with what you need.

    If you want to make a difference in your retail shop, seek professional help from to get value for your money.

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