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    Flowsell® is an Australian company that manufacturers and markets special milk trolleys to merchandise milk from cool rooms. Trolleys are loaded from the rear and milk gravity feeds to the front to be constantly faced up. Spaced apart dividers prevent the excess build-up of milk crud. Castors on the trolleys make it easy to remove them for cleaning.

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    Flowsell is the leading supplier of shelves, merchandising, and trolley solutions for Australian retail pharmacies, stores, and hospitals. At Flowsell, customers are guaranteed that items such as milk crate trolleys meet their specific needs

    Some of our corporate values include:

    • Excel and Exceed
    • Respect
    • Making a difference

    The systems at Flowsell are engineered to display and dispense products, ensure efficient storage and are all designed to improve workflow, and keep hygiene control. One such solution is the milk trolley which is the safest, easiest, and quickest way to handle many milk packs.

    Milk Flow Trolley

    This trolley is easy to load. Then milk gravity feeds to the front of the shelf at the dairy case door. This faces up milk for shoppers. Short dated milk is accurately rotated minimising wastage. Milk spills are trapped in a drip tray in the base of the milk trolley.

    Some of the components of the milk trolley include:
    Strong zinc plated trolley

    • Adjustable high slip dividers
    • Heavy duty castors
    • Galvanised drip tray

    Our milk flow trolley makes it easy to stock, organise and merchandise high volume milk in front of cool room doors in supermarkets.

    Milk Roller Trolley

    Some milk packs are harder to gravity feed. The one litre milk cartons and flavoured milk packs are examples of these. The milk roller trolley is better to gravity feed these packs. Cartons are easy to load and the cartons still gravity feed to the front

    Some of the components of the milk flow trolley include:

    • Strong zinc plated trolley
    • Adjustable roller dividers
    • Heavy duty castors
    • Galvanised drip tray

    Milk Crate Trolley

    Milk crate trolleys are another vital item for the safe and efficient transport of milk in a hospital. They allow the milk crates delivered each day to be stacked vertically and then safely taken to the necessary places with the hospital. Milk crate trolleys have strong wheels and a robust design, which makes them both easy to use and durable. They also make the workflow easier as you can move a number of crates each time.

    A Milk Trolley Buying Guide

    The material used for milk trolleys and milk crate trolleys must be durable to hold the weight of milk packs. One efficient way to ensure that the steel used to make the milk trolley is durable is by going through the suppliers’ certificates.

    Quality wheels make a huge difference in trolleys, and you need to be sure about the wheels that your milk trolleys use. The plating also has to be made of durable steel resistant to rust and strong enough to help the transportation of several crates for a long period.

    Why Choose Us

    At Flowsell, we are invested in your business vision. Whether you need one milk trolley or many, we can help. We also have a team of experienced operators who follow up to ensure our products and services are up to your standards.

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