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    Flowsell Coolroom Racking

    Flowsell® is a leading supplier of drink and liquor recking for cool rooms. This includes the supply and installation throughout Australia of racks, wire shelves and back of house storage racking. Drink Racks can be supplied with Bottle or Roller Slides . We even fit the product dividers with the spacing to a supplier’s planogram . No other company provides such a complete beverage merchandising service.

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    Flowsell is one of the leading suppliers of cool room racks and freezer racks in Australia, with 20 years of experience in the field. We understandthe importance of having quality racking in your hospital or retail space. Cool room racks, freezer racks, and liquor racksmust be made with either zinc or galvanised coating to withstand the low temperatures.

    Flowsell Freezer Racks

    Freezer storage racks maximise space in deep freezers, upright freezers, and ultra-low temperature freezers. They organise and store frozen products and samples in convenience stores, hospitalsand laboratories. At Flowsell, we provide our clients with ultramodern freezer racks made from materials to withstand the test of time. Moreover, we also supply durable liquor racking for both your retail and hospital needs. Liquor racking is a great way to keep bottles organised and safe.

    Benefits of Coolroom Racking

    Coolrooms prolong aproduct’s life, so they do not expire before use. Usually, these cool rooms are equipped with cool room racks holding items intended to be preserved. Sliding bottle racks area great choice as they use gravity to keep the stock moving to the front of the rack which helps keep things efficient.

    Some of the benefits of coolroom racking include:

    • It helps to supply more storage space beside the main storage in the store.
    • Coolroom-racking can be used for various options if the temperatures are adjusted to suit specific needs.
    • It helps users save money by prolonging the shelf life of products and minimising wastage.A cold room keeps food at the correct temperature while also controlling moisture levels so the products can survive for a few extra days.
    • Sliding bottle racks and liquor racking are great for efficient bottle storage and usage.

    If you are unsure about the right cool room storage equipment to incorporate into your cold room, Flowsell got you covered. Flowsell supplies cost-effective cool room rack and freezer rack solutions and considers your budget.

    It is recommended to store mostly dry products in the room to prevent metal rust in case of spillages. If you must store liquids concealed in bottles, ensure your cold room is fitted with a sliding bottle rack.

    Furthermore, the cool room shelves should be manufactured from a rust-resistant material that can survive in all temperatures. Tested and verified, our products are some of the best across Australia because we provide quotes with a clear understanding of your requirements.

    Why Buy From Us?

    At Flowsell, we are more concerned with the vision of your business. Also, we employ only experienced service providers to install your cool room, freezer, and liquor racks and have a routine follow-up on our past projects to see to it that our clients are getting value for their money.

    Visit us today at and have us customise your project as desired.

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