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    Flowsell® use the Dual MediTray 250 to store Scripts-on-File in the Dispensa UnderBench Drawer Cabinets- Single or Double. The Dual MediTray can also be retrofitted in any suitable melamine drawers. The tray has two lengths- 450mm and 592mm. A index with a capital Index separates the scripts by alphabetical order.

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    Meditrays, script trays, and blister pack trays are vital utility tools that help ensure patients receive their medications correctly and on schedule, which is essential for effective treatment and recovery.

    Flowsell is a leading Australian supplier of patient medication trays for patients on multiple medications who need to take them at specific times of the day. This family-owned business supplies storage and other solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, and retailers.

    What we Offer

    Script Tray

    A script tray helps file medication scripts for patients. It organises patient scrips in alphabetical order. Its design fits in with modern healthcare systems, providing an easy and effective way for pharmacists to access the medications that patients need. Our unique script tray holds many scripts which can be easily accessed by the pharmacist.


    A meditrayis a clear polycarbonate tray that comes in two styles. The Dual Meditray is a partitioned tray that is divided down the centre. This tray is placed into a metal pull-outdrawer frame and is used to store medications in drawer cabinets.Plastic drawer dividers separate the two partitions into segments to store medications in the drawers. The Dual Meditrayensures that the patient is given the correct medication.

    The second MediTray is an open Meditrayand acts as the insert in the pull-out drawer to create a conventional drawer, to help store and organise larger bottles, cartons, medical instruments and supplies. Drawer dividers can also partition the drawers into segments

    The Dual Meditray can also be used the store patient scripts in the drawer cabinet. The Dual MediTray insert can also be placed in any drawer in any cabinet

    Blister pack tray

    A blister pack tray is another great way for patients to have their medication organised. Because the medication is sealed in individual portions, it is free from external contamination. Blister pack trays are convenient and easy to use, as the patient only needs to open a single part when they need to take their medication. There is little chance of a patient taking the wrong medication or the wrong amount of medication with a blister pack tray.

    Why Flowsell?

    • Experience: Flowsell is a supplier with a track record of success and a long history in the industry.
    • Quality: We supply high-quality trays to ensure you get value for your money and solutions that meet your needs.
    • Customer service:good customer service is paramount, and we have a reputation for supplying excellent customer service in a prompt and effective manner.
    • Variety: Depending on your needs, we offer a wide range of products for hospitals, pharmacies, and retail businesses. As such, you can find specific products you need, and we are flexible to custom-make if your needs change.
    • Installation: If some of our products require installation or setup, we are available within Australia.
    • Affordable: Cost is often an important factor to consider when choosing a supplier. Flowsell offers competitive pricing and a good value for its products.

    Overall, patient medication trays, script trays, and blister pack traysare crucial to the professional storage of medications and patients scripts. If you need high-quality patient medication trays for your facility, look no further. Our company has a wide selection of tools to meet your needs. Our team will help you find the right products at the right price. Contact us today at to learn more and to get started with your order.

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