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    The flexible features of Flowsell® fixtures allows medications to be stored and dispensed alphabetically. Flowsell® shelving systems can be used on free standing gondolas, walls, drawers and even in cabinet shells. No other company offers systems that are so versatile. All the floor plans here are designed to improve your pharmacy workflows and are based on storing approximately 1300 medications.

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    Pharmacy and Dispensary shelves by Flowsell

    Do you need pharmacy dispensary shelving ora hospital wall unit that is efficient andhigh quality? How you organise your medications in your pharmacy can make it more efficient to process scripts and attract new customers, encourage loyalty, and make them refer others to your pharmacy. Your customers are entrusting you with their health, so using the right pharmacy dispensary shelving is key.

    Flowsell is a trusted Australian company that has vast experience in supplying impressive quality dispensary shelves and gravity feed storage solutions. Since launching our first product over two decades ago, we have increased our range to accommodate the following markets:

    • Hospitals
    • Pharmacies
    • Clinics

    What Products Do We Offer?

    We have a variety of dispensary shelves for ethical medications that you can choose from depending on your specific needs. The range includes both static cantilever and pull-out trayshelves that can be optioned up with shelf fronts and product dividers. Our range of dispensary shelves comes with a quality powder coating for ease of cleaning to support high hygienic standards.

    We also have a complete range of hospital wall unitsand island gondolas that have plain or punched panels for peg hooks and cantilever flat shelves on brackets for OTC products. Pull-out gondola drawers can be fitted to the gondola for both dispensary and front of shop shelving.

    Dispensa Smart Shelf

    You can choose our Dispensa smart shelf that consists of a clear tough polycarbonate moulding with a permanent shelf front.Alternatively, the Dispensa smart shelf can replacethe flat melamine shelf in the cabinet shell to more efficiently gravity feed medications. The transparent shelf front allows visibility of medications in the cabinet. Typically, the smart shelf is fixed to the sides of the cabinet shelf by support pins, however, the smart shelf can be fittedon drawer runners so it can slide out of the cabinet. The Dispensa smart shelf has slots in the base for placing fast fit dividers to subdivide the shelves into different compartments

    Pharmacy Sliding or Pull-Out Shelving

    Take advantage of our gravity feed design and pharmacy sliding shelves with our pull-outtray shelf. This is a medication shelf with a pull-out tray with slots to fit the Flowsell fast fit dividers. The tray opening by a push pad so medications can be loaded at the rear for stock rotation.

    More recently Flowsell has introduced pull-out shelving. It consists of sliding shelves that have an open base to let dust slip through to keep clean, hygienic standards for your medications. Fast fit dividers can also be fitted to the pull-out shelvingto arrange medications into rows.

    Why Purchase FromFlowsell?

    At Flowsell, customers are our primary priority. Our team works effortlessly to innovate new products to ensure you get all the options you need for the best functioning of your facility. All our items are of superior quality and guarantee high durability. We not only sell to individuals, but also to retailers in bulk, so you can be sure that we offer you the best prices in the market. Our team does installations for you so you can use your purchase with peace of mind knowing they are functioning as they should.

    Reach out to us today at to get the best deals on pharmacy sliding shelving for your pharmacy.

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