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    Flowsell® has Cleanstor™ Mesh Baskets to store small consumables in hospital clean rooms. All wire baskets are stainless steel and white powder coated and have 8mm centres between wires. These are ideal to store Cannulas, Needles, Bungs, Syringes, Swabs or Red Caps etc. Baskets fit to fixtures that provide best practice infection control.

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    Wire Mesh Storage Baskets in Australia

    Mesh storage baskets are one of the most efficient storage units for any space. They not only organise your items, they are also portable and easy to move if you want to reconfigure your space. For example, basket tower storage allows you to organise your items according to their functions so that equivalent items stay in one place, making it easy and convenient for you if you want to move only one set of items.

    About Our Company

    Flowsell is Australia’s leading supplier of mesh storage baskets and under-bench storage. Our main clients are hospitals, pharmacies, and retail stores such as convenience stores and supermarkets. We are a family-owned business that has been in the market for more than two decades.

    We started as a small business supplying the demand for systems that gravity-feed spice jars for supermarkets and have since grown into a nationally recognized brand trusted by millions of Australians to supply the best-quality stainless steel wire mesh baskets. We supply our products all over the country. Through our excellent services, we have gained the trust of our loyal customers, who not only keep coming back for more storage solutions but refer other people to us.

    What Products Do We Offer?

    At Flowsell, we have a wide range of mesh baskets to best suit your storage needs. Our mesh baskets and wire baskets come in different sizes and shapes, which offer the perfect solution even for tiny spaces. If you have a hospital, we have the perfect baskets for you. You can buy our small compact basket to place on walls or even put them inside your fridge or freezer. The Fridge Basket has a clear plastic divider to help you organize different medications in separate compartments. Our mesh storage baskets offer convenience since you can easily access the consumables you need or easily remove the complete basket when you need to.

    You can also get pull-out storage baskets on a basket frame if you have limited space. The frame is metal with powder coating and pullout wire mesh baskets that you can easily pull to get your consumables. If you have a small space in the corner of a pharmacy, using mesh basket drawers or basket tower storage will help. Basket tower storage is a tall frame with multiple wire baskets stacked vertically.

    If you have extra wall space, our baskets on basket stripping are an excellent fit for you. We install these closed wire baskets on basket strips that offer the perfect hygienic standards for all consumables. You can also choose endless baskets on a wall unit that allow you to store many small and large consumables in one place without taking up too much space. We also install these on a wall stripping along a wall.

    Why Purchase From Us?

    At Flowsell, we put our customers first. All our staff members undergo efficient training to listen to your individual needs and recommend the ideal solution. We keep producing new ideas to ensure we come up with the best mesh and wire basket storage solutions at affordable prices.

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