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    Hospital Trolleys by Flowsell in Australia

    Do you need hospital trolleys for your facility? Hospital trolleys are some of the most useful pieces of equipment in any hospital, with a diverse set of applications that you can use them for. Hospital trolleys are vital for moving different items within a hospital facility. Getting a good quality trolley—from a wire trolley to a tub trolley to a mobile trolley—from a reputable company like Flowsell guarantees the smooth movement of medications to the wards and medical equipment to where it is needed, such as surgical theatres.

    Flowsell is a leading family-owned company that specialises in the supply of storage equipment, hospital trolleys, and shelving solutions all over Australia. We have been in existence for more than 20 years, with our primary focus being hospitals, pharmacies, and retail stores such as supermarkets and convenience stores. Our team consists of industry experts who provide nothing but the best quality equipment to our customers at budget-friendly prices. We have invented a vast range of products and keep coming up with new ideas to supply options for everyone at an affordable price.

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    Our Hospital Trolleys

    At Flowsell, you can use three types of trolleys to move equipment, consumables, and medications within your hospital.

    Basket Medication Trolleys

    Our basket medication trolley is a unique piece of equipment that comes with pull-out baskets on the sides and at the front. We have installed a security cover to hide medications from public view when pushed through hospital corridors and to help deliver them safely and hygienically to the wards. The pullouts are several wire baskets that are stacked vertically to let you carry multiple medications at the same time.

    Tub Trolleys

    We also have a tub trolley that comes with plastic tubs to place your medications to deliver to the ward. The high-volume capacity of the tub trolley allows you to do bulk delivery of medications on one trip. The simple design makes it efficient and fast to pick and pack items on it. This tub trolley comes with three interchangeable tubs and one common lid. It has three swivels and one brake castor for smooth movement.

    Wire Trolleys

    If you want a simple trolley for moving general equipment around the hospital, you can pick our signature wire trolley. This mobile trolley has a simple but elegant design, with wire shelves that are flat and open. It has a chrome finish that keeps it dust-free. The wire trolley can transport files, records, equipment, and consumables across the hospital.

    Why Purchase From Us?

    The heart of our business is our clients, and we do everything in our power to provide you with products that make your life easier. We make all our hospital trolleys and wire trolleys only with the highest quality materials. They are incredibly sturdy, and the castors are exceptionally strong to serve you for a long time without breaking down or reducing their mobility. We respect all our customers and always listen keenly to understand your precise needs so that we supply the equipment that suits you best.

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