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    Flowsell® has developed a unique modular cabinet concept called MediModules. These customised sitting benches and standing benches, work benches, pullout wire basket cabinets, medication drawer cabinets and conventional melamine drawer cabinets can be connected to create your own unique workspace. The gable or join between two modules is covered by an extruded Gable Cover Strip. This allows benches and cabinets to be manufactured offsite and then delivered as modules that can be installed onsite.

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    Medical Cabinets by Flowsell in Australia

    Medical cabinets serve a critical role in hospitals and clinics. Owing to the sensitive nature of medicine, medical storage cabinets should not just offer a place to store medications, but also a means to access them for quick selection. Medical cabinets also prevent contamination by dirt and germs. Good-quality hospital storage cabinets from a trusted company like Flowsell ensure your medications will always be safe for administering to patients.

    Flowsell is a leading Australian company that deals with the supply of hospital medical cabinets solutions and gravity feed shelving. We started as a tiny business over two decades ago that only supplied one product, but now we have a vast range of storage solutions. Our mission is to provide the highest quality hospital medicine cabinets at the most affordable prices so you can enjoy your purchases while focusing on what matters – your clients.

    Our main target customers are:

    • Hospitals
    • Pharmacies
    • Retail stores
    What Products Do We Offer?

    We have a variety of drug storage cabinets that you can choose from to store all your medications and consumables safely.

    Lockable Medicine Cabinets for Hospitals

    Our first option is the freestanding lockable medicine cabinet to provide security for your medications. With this cabinet, you can choose a three-point key lock or convert the lock to a hospital security swipe card for extra security. The lockable medicine cabinet comes in two styles, the solid door, and the clear door cabinets. The solid door is suitable for when you want maximum security and privacy to ensure no one can see the medications unless the door is open. The clear door option makes it easy for you to select the medication you want. The doors are made of tough polycarbonate material that is not prone to breaking.

    Under-Bench Medical Cabinets

    Do you have limited space in the medication room? You can maximise your space by buying our medication drawer cabinet that we have specially designed to fit under any benches. Also, we can customise it to fit the exact space under your bench.

    Wire Basket Cabinets

    We have a free-standing pull-out basket cabinet that is made of a tall steel frame with multiple wire basket drawers that you can use to organise your medications. You can use these wire basket drawers to store many medications, consumables, or fluids in an organised manner.

    MediModule Cabinets

    For extra work-space, you can get our MediModule cabinets, which create work benches, that can be sitting benches for a chair or standing benches. The MediModule cabinets also include drawer cabinets, pullout basket cabinets, and waste bin modules. These can be joined to the work benches to create a customised work-space.

    Why Shop With Flowsell?

    At Flowsell, we always deliver our promises on time. We sell trust and peace of mind by treating everyone according to their individual needs and getting everyone something that fits their budget. We are constantly creating more hospital medicine cabinet solutions through innovation and research. We always customise your products to fit your precise needs and we provide full installations for you.

    Get in touch with us today at for a quotation on your dream hospital storage cabinets or drug storage cabinets.

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