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    Flowsell® has designed Cleanstor® Wire Baskets and Wire Basket Systems to store and dispense larger consumables and IV Fluids. These have wire spaces of 23mm and are also made from stainless steel and are white powder coated. They are mainly used as PullOut Wire Basket Systems which can have light (load bearing 35kgs) or heavy duty (load bearing 100kgs) drawer runners.

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    Our Background

    Flowsell is an Australian family-owned shelving and hospital storage solutions business. Our history began when we introduced unique shelving to gravity feed spice jars in supermarkets. For over 20 years, we have served the healthcare and retail businesses with innovative and cost-effective products. Our clientele includes:

    • Hospitals
    • Pharmacies
    • Medical clinics
    • Veterinary clinics
    • Convenience stores
    What Flowsell Offers?

    We supply hospital wire racks, for storage at ambient temperatures in wards and bulk stores or zinc and epoxy coated in wet cool rooms. We also supply a full range of hospital supplies, including chrome wire shelving, gondola racks, under-bench pull-out baskets, and large consumables storage options.

    Chrome Wire Shelving

    Chrome Wire Shelving is an excellent choice for retailers and institutions who want to install a high-quality shelving system particularly in bulk stores or workplace. Chrome shelving units cuts the cost or hassle of installing traditional wooden shelving and are more durable. They are particularly great for large consumables storage as you can organise bulk stock so it can be reached easily and efficiently.

    Why Flowsell?


    Our storage racks for hospitals are high-quality, safe products for staff use. The variety of options available results from years of experience and technical expertise in their manufacture.


    Whether you need a hospital wire rack, an under-bench pull-out basket, or a chrome shelving unit installed, we can do it for you in an efficient and affordable manner.


    When you buy hospital racks or chrome shelving units from us, you get the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality products at a reasonable price.


    Our wire racks are helpful in a wide range of medical facilities to store medical equipment and supplies. Our hospital wire racks are made from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. They also provide a secure environment for your equipment, minimizing the risk of theft or damage.

    Our wire shelving has heavy-duty steel wire sheets welded together by special welding machines to make it strong and durable. In addition, this product is chrome plated for corrosion resistance, so it will not rust easily even after years of use.


    Our hospital wire racks, and gondola racks come in various sizes and configurations, including:

    • Standard hospital wire rack for storing smaller items like gauze or bandages.
    • Large hospital wire racks for large consumables storage (IV bags, syringes, etc)

    Hospital wire racks and gondola racks come with shelves so you can organize your supplies based on type (bandages, gauze pads, or IV bags) or usage (IV bags vs. gauze). These storage racks give you plenty of space to display and organize all your retail supplies.

    Your Australian Healthcare and Retail Supplies Partner

    If you need new chrome wire shelving to replace standard metal box shelving, Flowsell has the perfect product for you! Our wide variety of hospital wire racks makes it easier to find what you need at the lowest price possible.

    Explore the full product range!

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