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    Flowsell® has heavy duty gondolas with heavy duty cantilever flat or wire shelves to store larger cartons in hospital stores. These fixtures are also suitable to store heavy cartons of IV Fluids.

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    Medical Storage Shelving by Flowsell in Australia

    Do you need proper shelving for your medical facility? The best medical storage shelving needs to be from a trusted supplier like Flowsell that supplies top-notch quality without breaking your budget. Besides keeping medications and consumables organised, medical storage shelving also needs to provide an environment that keeps the medication organised, clean, and easy to access.

    Flowsell is a family-owned and family-operated company that supplies high-quality shelving and storage solutions in Australia. We began operations more than 20 years ago as a small business that supplied a unique type of shelving for spice jars in supermarkets, and since our first invention, we have come up with many more innovations. Our main target customers are hospitals, clinics, veterinary hospitals, pharmacies, and retail stores such as supermarkets, petrol stations, convenience stores, and sports clubs. Our team consists of industry experts who prioritise providing all our customers with the right medical storage shelving solutions for their precise needs.

    What Medical Storage Shelving Solutions Do We Have?

    At Flowsell, we have a variety of medical storage shelving to store your medications and consumables.

    Flat Shelves

    Do you want a compact simple design that also looks elegant and easy to maintain? Our flat shelf is powder coated and easy to clean. You can adjust its height to fit your space and put shelf dividers to divide it into several compartments as you need them.

    Wire Rack Shelving

    If you need shelving to place heavy equipment and bulky items, our wire rack shelving is the perfect solution for you. It is extremely sturdy and can hold a weight of up to 80 kilograms without any issues. Our wire rack shelving has a chrome finish that is easy to clean and is NSF International certified to hygienically store your consumables inside the ward.

    Our epoxy wire rack shelving is zinc plated, then coated with a high-quality epoxy, and we have tested it for wet areas so you can store your consumables in drug cool stores.

    Our smart shelf is a unique plastic moulded shelf that can be used to gravity feed product as it has a permanent shelf front that is clear for display and fits the special Flowsell dividers.

    Cantilever Wire Shelves

    For bulky items of varying heights, you can make use of our cantilever wire shelves. These shelves are strong and robust and are supported on heavy duty cantilever brackets. Cantilever wire shelves allow you to store items dust free that have varying dimensions and weight. With Flowsell wire shelves, you can be sure that your heavy equipment and IV fluids will always be safely stored.

    Why Choose Flowsell?

    Flowsell is a customer-first company that aims to provide you with the best medical shelving solutions at the most affordable prices. Once you reach out to us, we listen keenly to your needs and give you the best solution to solve them. We keep innovating new products to accommodate a wide range of customers. When needed, we can install your purchases to ensure they serve you in the best way possible. Contact us today at to inquire more about our shelving solutions and get a quotation.

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